As a team member you will have a special price with a minimum order of $100

Place your orders in the MEMBERS ONLY section in our online store.

Members can print out order forms below


Questions & Answers for Join Our Team Members


How do I become a team member?

Simply purchase a catalog and you will receive your team member packet.


When do i get paid for selling t-shirts?

You are your own boss, you instantly profit $7 for any shirt that you sell. 


Will I receive a check for selling shirts?

No, once you sell your shirts you keep your profit and submit your order in the members only section.


How long does it take to receive shirts?

Allow 5-7 business days.


Is there a minimum of shirts that i submit?

YES, there is a minimum of five shirts you must have before you submit. Anything less will not be processed.


Where do I get order form from?

You can download as many order forms as you like right here on our website.


Can i repeat this process after i submit an order?

Yes, once you become a team member you can use your catalog as many times as you would like. 


How often do you get new designs, t-shirts, and catalogs?

There are so many verses in the holy bible that we feel can be an impact on the masses, so we are constantly designing shirts to add to our catalog.


Will I have to pay for new catalogs when new shirts have been added?

Yes, all catalogs are $5.00

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